Everything you need to know about moving to Greater Portland.

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5 Tips for Leasing an Apartment in Portland Oregon

Credit: Portland Apartment Finder


Portland’s laid back attitude and acceptance of all things weird and different definitely carries over into it’s rental market. If you are planning your move to the Rose City, below are 5 things to consider when searching and applying for an apartment.

No job? No rental history? No worries.

Portland rental properties generally have a simple and easy application approval process.  As long as you have decent credit, enough money in a bank account that shows you can pay rent for 6-12 months or an offer letter from a new employer, you can be approved for most any apartment. Any other criteria you lack can usually be made up for with an additional security deposit or a co-signer. So, don’t’ stress over the approval process.


It’s all about the Neighborhood

Portland is divided into many small neighborhoods that resemble villages. Each neighborhood has it’s own vibe and it’s own variety of rental options. If you are looking for a specific type of rental, it’s best to research and make sure the neighborhood you are interested in offers that type of rental within your budget. Sometimes the two may not match up.  

Car vs. Public Transit

Although Portland does tout one of the best public transit systems in the nation, there are certain rental buildings that have better access to public transit than others. Some buildings may offer parking options on site, while others don’t. This is why it is important to factor whether you will be driving or taking public transit into your apartment search.  


Apartment Buildings are Smoke Free

Oregon's Indoor Clean Air Act (ICAA) prohibits smoking within 10 feet of any entrance, exit, window or air intake vent of any apartment building. Most property management companies and individuals do not allow smoking in their rentals either. This includes tobacco, vaping and marijuana.

Be prepared to make your decision the day you tour apartments

Due to the fast paced nature and the diverse collection of unique rental properties in the Portland rental market, many properties lease the same day they come on the market. Though there are a few exceptions to this rule, you certainly don’t’ want to spend an entire day looking at rentals and then find out they are all taken when you finally decide to choose one. Your best bet is to find 3 solid choices, view them immediately and choose one you feel comfortable with as soon as you see it. You can always keep looking, but at least you have peace of mind that something is secured in case you come up empty handed.