Everything you need to know about moving to Greater Portland.

About Us

The Portland Relocation Guide:  The "Moving to Portland" Guide

The Portland Relocation Guide serves as the first point of contact for newcomers seeking information on relocating to the Greater Portland area. It is the largest relocation guide serving metro Portland, and the most complete multimedia resource that reaches newcomers at the earliest stages of their relocation decision making process – before they even get to the market.

While moving to a new city is exciting, and brings about new opportunities, we understand that relocation can be challenging. The Portland Relocation Guide helps to make the journey smoother for individuals, and families relocating to Portland, and also their employers. With the Portland Relocation Guide, newcomers can learn about housing, neighborhoods, schools, healthcare and more, so they can get settled, reconnect, and reestablish their lives and enjoy everything that the Portland lifestyle has to offer.

Relocation habits continue to change, as well as the ways that people consume media. The Portland Relocation Guide continues to evolve to meet the changes of the Portland newcomer market, helping to make us THE relocation resource of choice for those moving to Portland. 

By utilizing the combined strengths of website, print, digital media, social networking and mobile devices all working together, we create a multi-faceted and interactive end-user experience, while connecting local companies with  the newcomer audience.

This multiplatform marketing model allows advertisers to begin relationships across multiple media, maximizing your message reach, frequency, and efficiency.This strategy, combined with an extensive distribution network for our print publication makes the Portland Relocation Guide the most cost effective method for reaching the Portland newcomer. Print distribution is through major employers, real estate offices, title companies, economic development organizations, industry associations, and numerous regional Chambers of Commerce, a host of other locations, and directly from PortlandReloGuide.com.

Since 2002, ARG Publications LLC, has been publishing comprehensive relocation guides for people moving to a new area. Its publications are currently serving the markets of Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Phoenix, Tucson, Palm Beach, and Portland.