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ZOOM+: Disrupting the Healthcare Delivery Model

Photo by F Delventhal on flickr

Over the past decade, the Portland area has become somewhat of a hub for innovative care delivery, due largely to the growth of ZOOM+, a health clinic network that recently began offering health insurance to customers. Essentially, the organization serves as a health system with insurance included, offering a new, perhaps more efficient approach to primary care.

Known locally by some experts as “the Apple of healthcare,” ZOOM+ provides some of the lowest-priced insurance plans in the United States—even considering the fact that the Oregon Insurance Division forced the company to raise its premiums due to what the state agency deemed as unfair competition.

Currently, ZOOM+ has 31 clinics in neighborhoods throughout Portland, Salem, Vancouver and Seattle, with patients receiving care from primary care physicians and some medical specialists, when needed. It is also able to offer same-day appointments, wellness coaching, nutrition and exercise counseling, telemedicine appointments, mental health services and some basic dental assistance—and it all is part of the health plans ZOOM+ offers.

ZOOM+ was the brainchild of a doctor and entrepreneur who saw an opportunity to disrupt the primary care model and provide convenient services for people facing the most common illnesses and conditions. Today, the organization serves about 250,000 patients per year in the Pacific Northwest, and its founder believes that number will climb dramatically with its latest offering of health insurance plans. However, ZOOM+ continues to accept outside insurance, even though a large percentage of its patients are unlikely to have any type of coverage.

 More information is at www.zoomcare.com.