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The Portland Relocation Guide is a free tool for you, the employer, to provide to new hires and transferees who are moving to the Portland area. Moving can be stressful for the employee, which sometimes means engagement or productivity issues for employers. Access to information and resources can help minimize anxiety or concerns involved with relocating to a new city.

Those who are moving to the area want to learn about housing, neighborhoods, schools, healthcare, getting around, getting settled, and things to do once they get here. The Portland Relocation Guide provides that information and more.

We hope the Portland Relocation Guide will help your employees to have a smooth relocation process, and that the Portland Relocation Guide helps attract top talent to your company and the region.

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Request your FREE copies of the Portland Relocation Guide today. Feel free to keep a supply on hand in your office, or request them as the need arises. 

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