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O'Donnell Realty Group

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Address 1221 NW Everett
Portland, OR 97209
Website URL www.odonnellgrouprealt...

The O’Donnell Group was formed over 8 years ago to offer buyers and sellers of residential and investment real estate one firm that combines this broad array of expertise with a passion for offering the most personal service possible. Listening, asking questions, tapping the vast array of data available and bringing it all together for our clients is the foundation for our success.

Fundamental to our mission is to simplify the often daunting process of buying and selling real property that can be filled with potential costly mistakes. We therefore strive to be our clients’ expert advisers, consultants and advocates while partnering with them to ensure we are always clear on their goals and objectives. Real Estate is not only what we do full time, it is our passion!

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