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Homeschooling in Oregon

Photo by Susy Morris on flickr

The homeschooling community in Oregon is vibrant and growing, with the majority of enrollment in the Portland area. There are an estimated 22,000 students currently enrolled for homeschooling across the state of Oregon. Any family interested in homeschooling in Oregon will need to register at their local Education Service District within 10 days of withdrawal from public or private school.  Curriculum and assignments are not provided by the State however, testing is required at grades 3, 5, 8 and 10.  Additional information regarding state and district information can be found on the Oregon Department of Education website at www.ode.state.or.us.  

Here are a few resources related to homeschooling:

Finding social activities in a new area can be challenging, especially if the Homeschool student doesn’t have a connection to others close to his/her age group. There are multiple resources in Oregon to help bridge that gap and connect homeschoolers through recreational activities and programs offered across the state.  Oregon Community Colleges accept homeschoolers 16 and up (younger with permission) to all regular college classes.  Below are several schools and clubs that focus on connecting the Homeschool community.

Oregon Homeschool Science Club (OHSSC)
OHSSC at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) in Portland offers classes from kindergarten through 8th grade. Science levels overlap by grades to give flexibility to parents wanting to challenge their child, or to accommodate students warming up to science or traditional classroom structure. www.homeschoolomsi.com

Saturday Academy
Saturday Academy provides the opportunity for students to work with community professionals to explore their curiosity. Class sizes are small (10-12 students) and focus on science, technology, engineering, math, humanities, and the arts. www.saturdayacademy.org

Village Home Education Resource Center
Village Home is an inclusive, diverse learning community providing classes, field trips, workshops, and travel programs for homeschooling families. Village Home offers non-graded, non-credit weekly classes in all subject areas for all ages to supplement your family's unique homeschool education plans. In addition to academic enrichment, Village Home offers community for homeschooling families. www.villagehome.org

Community Colleges
Community Colleges accept homeschoolers 16 and up (younger with permission) to all regular college classes. A College Placement Test will be required to place students into the appropriate level classes. For more Alternative Education Programs including Charter Schools, Correspondence Courses, and Distance Learning Programs, go to www.ohen.org/resources/alternatives

To begin homeschooling in Oregon, it is important to visit the Oregon Department of Education website, to learn more about the legal requirements for homeschooling as each state has different requirements.  www.ode.state.or.us